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Manual Therapy

A hands-on approach

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What is “Manual Therapy”?
The term “manual therapy” refers to  a specialized form of physical therapy delivered with the therapists hands as opposed to a machine or device.   Human touch is an essential ingredient in SSI’s treatment philosophy and approach.

Manual therapy involves restoring mobility to stiff joints and reducing muscle tension in order to return you to  neutral and normal movement patterns. Techniques  include mobilizations or manipulations of soft tissue, scar and joints.  Manual therapy techniques aim to decrease pain and increase function.

Why “Manual Therapy”?

Joints and muscles that lack mobility and range of motion cause discomfort, pain & alterations in function, posture and movement patterns
Research outcome studies prove faster and better outcomes when physical therapists use manual therapy techniques. This translates to fewer days off work or away from your favorite activity, and less out-of-pocket expenses.