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Become a Game Changer!

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Are you a Game Changer?

No matter what your sport, the better ATHLETE wins!  Become a better athlete!
Be a Game Changer!

Are injuries ruining your state championship run?
Did you know that 88% of ACL injuries can be prevented?
SSI’s Game Changer pre-season training can help keep your team healthy!

What makes Game Changer Training different?

runner bulletAll participants are evaluated by a sports physical therapist for muscle imbalances and jump mechanics.
runner bulletWhat athletes learn and practice during the Game Changer program is proven by research to prevent injuries and practiced by collegiate and professional athletes, using a multi-dimensional approach.
runner bulletTeam Training = Team Building

SSI’s Game Changer 2 hour small group training sessions are designed to improve dynamic control, flexibility and conditioning utilizing evidence based speed, agility, plyometric, and strength training. Includes evaluation of biomechanics by a Sports Physical Therapist.

SSI offers several different versions of Game Changer training:

Sportsmetrics Training

  • Specifically for female soccer players
  • ACL injury prevention and performance training
  • Medical Research PROVES that Sportsmetrics training can decrease a female athlete’s risk of serious knee injuries.
  • SSI is a Certified Clinical Site for Cincinnati SportsMedicine Research and Education Foundation…World Leaders in Injury Prevention for Female Athletes.

Pre-Season Team Training

  • For all sports
  • Our facility or yours
  • Let us customize a program to meet your team’s needs!

Summer Camps

  • For all sports
  • Individual or team training


arrow smallIt is estimated that there are over 250,000 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries per year in the U.S.
arrow smallMore than 100,000 of those injuries require surgery
arrow smallOver half of those injuries occur in athletes 15-20 years old


Designed to teach athletes the proper mechanics that are essential for improving running speed, strength, and agility Game Changer Sportsmetricswhile decreasing the chance of injury.

runner bulletEmphasizes flexibility, balance, strength, core and proper technique
runner bulletHelp prevent injury
runner bulletImprove athletic foundation
runner bulletSummer Camps are held in our Greer Health Club


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