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Group Fitness @ SSI

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Due to continuing COVID-19 regulations our group fitness class lineup is limited.  Please note that all entries for “Free Pool Time” just show when the pool is available for members to reserve a spot.  Please call us at 801-8706 to reserve a time.

The SSI Health Club offers many different group fitness classes to help our members and guests get the most out of their workout.  We are continually adding exciting classes.  All group fitness classes are included in your membership.  Come join us!

  • Group Fitness Classes @ the SSI Health Club in Greer

    The SSI Health Club offers many different group fitness classes every day. Each month we adjust the schedule, so check back often to see what’s happening. All classes are included with your membership and can be purchased “by the class” by non-members. Come join us. Together we can do it!

  • 20/20/20

    This 60 minute all in one class blasts calories and tones muscles.

  • Aqua Aerobics

    A no-impact class geared towards active adults that, with the help of warm water, improves flexibility and maintaining strength in a fun, social environment.

  • B.L.T.

    This 60 minute class focuses on the buns, legs, and tummy with cardio intervals to keep you sweating.

  • Cardio Blast

    A choreographed 60 minute class combining cardio and body weight strengthening to burn calories.

  • Cardio Core

    60 minute class, combining cardio and core moves that leave you sweating.

  • Chair Yoga

    Modified yoga from the comfort of a chair. This 45 minute class geared toward seniors focuses on flexibility, balance, and relaxation.

  • Cycle & Sculpt

    An instructor led cardio class using various cycling techniques combined with core exercises designed for all fitness levels.

  • H.I.I.T.

    High Intensity Interval Training is scientifically proven to burn more calories than traditional cardio by keeping the heart rate elevated and the body guessing.

  • Michael's Boot Camp

    Anything goes in this 60 minute, boot camp style class.

  • Muscle

    Build lean muscle and shock your metabolism with this 60 minute class using weights.

  • Parkinson's Class

    Exercise is proven to improve Parkinson’s symptoms. This 45 minute class is designed for those with Parkinson’s disease and focuses on range of motion, flexibility, and balance.

  • Pilates

    This 60 minute class focuses on your core by strengthening and lengthening those tight muscles in a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Senior Fusion

    This all in one class targets active adults and is designed to increase muscular strength, improve balance, and flexibility.

  • Step

    Oldie but goodie! This 60 minute step aerobics class emphasizes cardio and calorie burning.

  • Total Body Conditioning (TBC)

    You will never do the same thing twice! This 60 minute non-choreographed class focuses on muscle strengthening with cardio intervals to keep the heart rate up.

  • Strength Circuit

    Gain muscle strength with this 60 minute circuit style class!

  • Super Sculpt

    60 minutes of choreographed toning exercises targeting your entire body.

  • Spin & Zen

    Blast away calories with a 30 minute cycle followed by 30 minutes of relaxing yoga!

  • Kettlebell Sculpt

    This kettlebell class will send your heart rate soaring and help you build muscle.