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BrainyEX – a new solution for an old problem!

Many things can affect our cognitive function, including age, health, stress level, and more. By making better choices for body and brain health, you can ensure a better future for yourself and your loved ones.  Improve your memory with BrainyEx!

The BrainyEX program provides prescribed exercise, education and tools that result in better physical fitness and brain function. You’ll notice improvements in memory, attention, concentration, analysis, and emotional state. BrainyEX is also designed toimprove your overall health, including cardiovascular fitness, weight, and diabetes management.
BrainyEX is based on the latest research, proving that prescribed exercise and key lifestyle changes can make a big difference in brain function!

Improve memory with BrainyExDo any of these statements sound familiar?
“I may have told you this already…”
“I lost my keys for the second time this week!”
“I think I have adult ADHD!”
“I just don’t have the patience for…”

What Can BrainyEX  Do For You?
• Protect your brain from the effects of aging, Alzheimer’s and dementia
• Provide you with confidential cognitive and fitness assessments
• Provide access to trained experts who will help you apply the latest research on exercise and lifestyle choices for the promise of a better future
• Help you learn how to properly exercise both your body AND your brain
• Teach lifestyle skills to develop your individualized brain fitness plan
You have the power to improve your brain function, health, and memory today!

SSI’s BrainyEX program details:
Our Brainy EX program is an 8 week program that meets once per week.  You begin by having an in depth pre-program testing of your physical and brain fitness.  Each week we will have exercise and brain activities along with a different discussion topic.  At the end of the 8 weeks we do a re-test to assess your progress.

Contact our Health Club for more information.  See the BrainyEx website for more information.