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SSI Update!

  • August 10, 2018

SSI Update!

150 150 SSI Physical Therapy and Health Club

Hello Everyone!

There’s been a lot of action at our office lately and people have been asking “what’s going on?”.    We are rearranging, expanding, and upgrading!

Rearranging:  You probably noticed that the Health Club is organized a bit differently.  Don’t worry, we still have the same equipment but the strength machines have been rearranged to make better use of our space. The machines are less crowded together than before, so hopefully that will make it easier for you to enjoy your workout.  Of course, we’re here to help you figure out where your machines moved!  You’ll also notice that the check-in desk is back in it’s original place – the front desk by the entrance.  The health club desk is now the check-out desk for physical therapy, while the Health Club has a new office in the nursery area.

Expanding:   To better utilize our space, we are expanding into the upstairs.  We added air conditioning and have brand new carpet to make it more comfortable for everyone.  You will see much more activity upstairs as personal training, group fitness and other offerings (like BrainyEX and Jonathan’s Golf Program) will be utilizing the space much more.  We are also expanding our physical therapy areas to accommodate our increase in patients and therapists.

Upgrading: We’ve already completed some of our upgrades (new lighting, new carpet upstairs, new heater for the small pool).  In the next several weeks/months you’ll notice more upgrades, including new carpet in the locker rooms,  the free-weight room will get new rubber flooring and much more!  Given the scale of some of the upgrades there may be a few days that certain areas of the building are inaccessible, but we will alert you ahead of time to minimize any possible inconvenience.

It’s an exciting time for SSI  and hopefully the changes will be a great benefit to all of our members, patients and staff.  As always, we truly appreciate the support of our SSI family and we look forward to seeing you soon.

-Amanda Somers, owner