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Pregnant And Have Back Pain?

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Pregnant And Have Back Pain?

  • June 1, 2018

Pregnant And Have Back Pain?

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Pregnancy can be a very exciting time for expecting parents but it can also be hindered by several different types of physical ailments for the mother-to-be. With pregnant women receiving advice and instructions on everything from what/ what not to eat, exercise restrictions, suggested sleeping positions etc. it may be difficult for women to find the right answer on how to treat their own physical pain. But here is finally a straight forward answer: Physical Therapy.

Physical therapists are trained in treating all musculoskeletal disorders including those disorders that pregnant women often face. One of the most common ailments is low back pain. According to the American Pregnancy Association, approximately 50- 70 % of pregnant women suffer from low back pain during pregnancy. Back pain is not uncommon, but this shouldn’t be something that people have to deal with every day. 

There are several different causes for the onset of pain during pregnancy including an increase in hormones causing laxity in joints and of ligaments, changes in the body’s center of gravity, weight gain due to pregnancy, a decline in posture, and additional stress. A physical therapist will first perform an evaluation on the pregnant woman to determine the source and likely cause of pain then compile a treatment plan to address her pain. 

A treatment plan can consist of a variety of different treatment types depending on the primary cause of the patient’s pain. Pregnant patients often require treatments that include strengthening, flexibility, soft tissue mobilization (massage), taping techniques or a variety of different modalities including ice or moist heat. Most patients are seen 2-3 times a week for a duration that will likely depend on the severity of the patient’s symptoms. Once the pregnant patient’s symptoms are under control, the patient will likely be discharged from therapy with a home exercise program to continue throughout the remainder of her pregnancy. Although these physical pains can be difficult to tolerate during pregnancy, physical therapy can help alleviate this pain and re-focus the mother-to-be’s mind on what is really important; the baby! If you’re trying to treat your back pain yourself, be careful not to do anything dangerous that could harm the baby. 

So if you are pregnant and suffering with pain, please contact SSI to setup an evaluation today.